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Hello and welcome!

It seems like time for a quick introduction. I am Tasha. Widowed mom, since 2011, to two elementary age children whom I often call my helpers. About a year ago we move just outside of town to 3 acres. It already had a chicken coop installed so it seemed like a good idea to get chickens. We lost all of the ones we raised last year so we are beginning again. Currently, 13 baby chicks are living in a kiddie pool in one of our two bathrooms. I'd like to think if I had known a quarantine was coming I would have made a different choice, but the truth is that's probably not what would have happened. So we shall all three share my bathroom until the babies can move out. We also have two goats named Paris and Delilah, two cats named Cute-osaurus Rex and Eclipse, and a puppy named Rocket. There is no shortage of things to keep me busy. On top of all that I am an artist. I was just beginning to teach color theory and watercolor 100 classes when it all got canceled. I have taught gelli printing workshops to people of all ages for a couple years now. My degree is in graphic design but I much prefer to get my hands (and clothes, and furniture) messy now. I have a studio space downtown but in our current situation I have brought all of my most important supplies to my home. Our dining table has become my gelli printing studio and a smaller table under a window has become my watercolor space. I'm not sure where we will homeschool, but the RV parked outside is looking like a good option! This week the helpers are on spring break so we are sleeping in, doing art, mailing out quarARTine kits, and keeping this farm alive. I hope everyone is hanging in there and finding ways to feel gratitude and joy during this experience. I hope that in following me here and on social media I can offer you some calm and creativity. Don't forget to wash your hands.

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